Fondation Jean-Pascal Imsand

The Fondation Jean-Pascal Imsand (supervisory authority: Swiss Ministry for Domestic Affairs) owns the copyright to all works created by the artist Jean-Pascal Imsand (1960-1994).

It was set up on 13 January 2000 with an endowment by Sabina Scullari, Imsand's wife. The aim of the FJPI is to keep Imsand's work and its documentation together, to maintain its proper record and to make it accessible to the general public through publications and exhibitions.

The Fondation Jean-Pascal Imsand has entrusted the artist's archive for safekeeping to the Fotostiftung Schweiz (Swiss Foundation of Photography) in Winterthur, where researchers, curators and other professionals can study the works by appointment.

The work of Jean-Pascal Imsand is protected in Switzerland under the Swiss Copyright Act (URG) and world-wide by means of international agreements. ProLitteris, the Swiss copyright society for literature and art, controls media usage of Imsand's work.

Proceeds from limited sales of the artist's work and from media usage of individual images, as well as exhibition lending fees will be used to further the aims of the FJPI.

The mandate of the Fondation Jean-Pascal Imsand does not include making available subsidiary funds to any third parties.



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